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SOLD! Large E. Paxton Oliver Blue Jay Art Print Framed (Original-#795)

E. stood for Elizabeth. This is a Female Artist; a Pioneer of her time!

Vintage E. Paxton Oliver Blue Jay Art Print Framed

  • Portrays a mother blue jay feeding her 3 babies with a worm in the branches of a pine tree.

    -Very large! (L-2.7 Feet/ W-2.1 Feet!)
    -Female Artist; signed
    -Professionally framed and matted by Adlers Framing in VA
    -Original vintage
    -Number 795

    ~ PIONEER of HER TIME! Her life story and artwork are incredible!

    About E. Paxton Oliver (1891-1977)
    *Elisabeth Paxton Oliver was born in Glasgow,VA. Because of the bias against women artist in her time, she used initials to conceal her gender, hoping to have her work judged on its own merits! She moved to Tryon, NC and found success with watercolor paintings of birds. She signs her prints in the lower right. She later moved to Georgia and past away in 1977.
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