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SOLD! Old Copper Boiler: GSW Monarch Brand from Canada in Excellent Condition. 

HISTORY LESSON: Established in Toronto in 1927, General Steel Wares Limited combined small workshops in Ontario and Quebec that, since the nineteenth century, had been well known in the production of stoves and kitchen implements. With having 6 merged companies: McClary Manufacturing Company in London, Happy Thought Foundry Company in Brantford, Thomas Davidson Manufacturing Company Limited in Montreal, Sheet Metal Products Company of Canada Limited in Toronto, A. Aubry et fils Limitée in Montreal, and, E. T. Wright Limited in Hamilton; they were quite successful. Beatty Brothers and Moffats Limited joined the group in 1961 and 1971. In 1977, the merger of this consortium with General Electric Canada Incorporated and Westinghouse Canada Limited led to the formation of the Canadian Appliances Manufacturing Company Limited, which today remains one of the main manufacturers of electric household appliances in Canada!

Rare Antique Monarch Ware Brand Copper Boiler

  • Great as Large Storage Bin/Moonshine Still/ Pot/ and Kettle Cooker!

    -All Original (never been restored)
    -Tin Lid
    -Original Paper Label
    -No major dents
    -Origin of production on piece (Canada)
    -Real Copper
    -L-26 in./ W-12.5 in./ H- 13 in.
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