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SOLD! Original Vintage 1950's Western Cartridge Co. double sided advertising sign for Super X Silvertip Ammunition Cartridges. 

Original Vintage 1950's Western Cartridge Co. Sign

  • "Center-Fire Cartridges With the New Silvertip Bullet" "Deadly at All Hunting Ranges; Controlled Delayed Expansion; Deep Penetration; Positive Mushrooming"

    ~ Color Images of Bear, Deer, Moose, Ram, and bullets
    ~ DOUBLE SIDED! "Center-Fire Cartridge Specifications and Ballistics" in color
    ~ *Was meant for a Dealer of Western Ammunition Originally! Left side in box states to dealers on Placement of Sign and how to increase sales!
    ~ Made from Western Cartridge Co. - East Alton Illinois
    ~ Thick Paper Sign
    ~ From 1950's
    ~ Edges in great condition
    ~L- 21 inches/ W- 13 inches
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