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Gorgeous antique cutlery knife set marked Solingen Rostfrei. Handmade in Germany; and highly carved. Comes in original box with 6 pieces.

Antique Solingen Rostfrei Germany Stag Cutlery

  • Intricate details throughout with boar and deer heads carved into the stag handles. Beautiful nature and hunting scenes are depicted in the silverware portion as well. No chips or cracks; excellent condition.

    Great for original uses; cutlery. Perfect for barbeque season! Also lovely for display and would make an excellent addition for any collector.

    Box: Width- 19 inches/ Diameter- 14 inches/ Height- 2.5 inches

    Largest Fork- 14 inches long
    Smaller Fork- 12 inches long
    Shears- 13 inches long
    Knife- 14 inches long
    Butcher's Cleaver- 12 inches long
    Cutlery Sharpener- 14 inches long

    History: ‘Rostfrei’ is a German word that translates literally as ‘rust-free’. However, it also means ‘stainless steel’ when stamped on cutlery, such as the blade of a knife. Solingen, Germany was founded in 1374 and has long been an active center for the production of high quality cutlery. This city is known for it's highest standards and quality reputation.