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Paul Beau (1871-1949) was an important leader of the Canadian Arts and Crafts Movement. Based in Montreal, Paul Beau & Co. produced a trove of wonderful arts and crafts pieces, mostly of brass and copper.

This vase is one of his classic shapes -- an inverted trumpet slightly-tapered cylinder rising upward to a well-defined opening, capped with a decorative collar of solid red copper.

This vase is an excellent example of Beau’s work. Production was likely between 1900 and 1920. The vase is 7” tall. The base diameter of almost 4” gradually narrows by an inch to an opening of 2 5/8”. That configuration is one of Beau’s trademarks along with his ‘dovetailed’ seams.

Gorgeous patina and no dents in brass.

Antique Paul Beau & Co. Brass and Copper Vase

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