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Antique Jug from E.Swasey & Co. (Portland Maine).

HISTORY LESSON: E. Swasey & Company was owned by Eben and Fred D. Swasey and George Young (l89l-l897). They made wholesale crockery & glassware at 273 Commercial St., Portland. The company also imported pottery.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, commodities such as molasses and vinegar were not sold by the bottle, rather, a customer would bring a jug to the store and the shop clerk would fill it from a barrel. This Jug is an Original Example!

Antique Jug (E.Swasey & Co.) (Circa 1891-1897)

  • -Heavy and solid
    -Great condition
    -No chips/cracks
    -Origin of production- Maine
    -L-13 in./ W- 9 in.
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